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March 20, 2016

Dear Families,

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! I am still trying to recover from all of the fun activities we did last Thursday. I hope your child was able to tell you about the exciting things we did, but here is a run down and pictures to help clarify some of the details. Throughout the week I talked about the real St. Patrick and the ways he helped spread the Good News of our faith. I also taught them about the legend of leprechauns and how they are shoemakers who hide pots of gold. On Wednesday I told the students that a leprechaun would make a hat for them if they decorated Styrofoam cups in the style they wanted and left them on their desks overnight. Unfortunately, we forgot to clarify the size and the leprechaun made them to fit his own tiny head. I took the cups home and baked them in my oven in order to create these amazing little hats.

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I do not need more messes in my classroom, so I chose to go the route of creating a tricky leprechaun instead of a naughty one. The afternoon group made traps to try to catch the leprechaun so we could see him and get his pot of gold, but alas, he was too tricky. He did visit us though, as there were necklaces hanging around our classroom and green pens for everyone to use to sign in. The children received stickers and an unusual green rock. The leprechaun left a jug of “magical solution” to clean our rocks. The solution bubbled quite dramatically when they put their rocks in and when they tried to pull them out, they found a gold coin instead. MAGIC! Okay, so I hid the coins in dough made of baking soda with green water and dissolved them in vinegar, but it was still magical!

20160317_151636 copy  20160317_151701  20160317_151718

            I gave each student a bowl of Lucky Charms after their snack and asked them to sort and count the marshmallows. I’m pretty sure we got an accurate count before they were devoured ;). I could have done more with graphing, but decided the bit we did was more age appropriate and fun for all. Finally, we created a rainbow of colors by watching water “walk” from one cup to another. Again, this activity teaches so many concepts, but I wanted the students to experience mixing colors in a new way to help solidify what they know. I saved the discussion of equilibration for my son and his friend after school ;).

20160317_105517    20160317_105534



We all had great fun, but now it is time to turn out attention toward Holy Week. We are in school this whole week as it is a great teaching time for our faith. The week begins today with Palm Sunday when we remember Jesus coming into Jerusalem after forty days spent in the desert. This Wednesday we will have a prayer service to remember when Judas gave up Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. I know your child is young, but you may use this time to teach him/her about being selfless and helping others. The money we collect will go to help our sister school Don Poncho in Guatemala. We will have a representative here on Wednesday to teach us bout their school and show us pictures to help make the school real for our youngest students. Please remember to send in coins with your child on Monday or Tuesday so everyone has an envelope to carry in our procession. We sent envelopes home a few weeks ago, but a ziplock baggy will also work. Thank you!

On Holy Thursday we remember the last supper when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and broke bread with them before he was arrested. We will not have a whole school activity for this day, but I do encourage you to attend Mass with your family that evening. Good Friday is a solemn day as we remember when Jesus died on the cross. I am fully aware that the students are only four and five, so we will adjust accordingly. (It is Doyu’s birthday, so we will have a celebration and some fun in the morning). The whole school will be attending Stations of the Cross with the parish community at 11:45a, so we will be having an early recess and dismissal for the morning students. We will have recess from 11:10a-11:40a and then morning students may be picked up on the playground as usual. Please know that there will be extra people coming to the service, so parking may be tricky. I’ll do my best to watch for parents and you may even come at 11:30 to get your child if that works better for you. Of course, you are also welcome to stay for the service with your child.

After the service, the afternoon class will go down to the social hall with the rest of the school for a simple meal of tomato soup, string cheese, bread and water. We will eat quietly as we reflect on the day. Jesus was nailed to the cross at 12p and died at 3p. The students throughout the school will have a quiet afternoon creating service projects to be donated to people in need. I will find a quiet project for us to do after we have quiet reading time. We plan to have a silent dismissal as Mr. Sherman explained in the newsletter. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Before I run out of time and space, I wanted to introduce everyone to our newest student Garrett Angler. He is joining us from across town and we are very excited to have him. He loves to play matchbox cars with Teddy, Little People with Sophia and run with the children on the playground. We hope he continues to adjust well and stays with us for years to come. Welcome Angler family!!

Books should be here any day, so I will be sure to send them home as soon as they arrive.


  • Monday is Down Syndrome Awareness Day – please pin an extra sock to your child’s uniform.
  • Return your raffle tickets as soon as possible.
  • Register for Black Tie Bingo Gala by March 28th.
  • Thirty Pieces of Silver – Send to school by Tuesday, March 22nd.
  • Spring Break March 28th – April 1st – Classes resume Monday, April 4th.

Thank you again for entrusting me with your wonderful children!


Ms. Madden



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