Newsletter August 29, 2018

PreK Parrots

What to expect the first week of school

Waiting for school to begin can be both exciting and nerve wracking for both students and parents. I would like to take this opportunity to share my plans for our first short week of school in order to alleviate some of your apprehension about the unknown.

We will begin school at 8:30a on Tuesday, September 4th and dismiss at 12p. All of our Pre Kindergarten students will dismiss at noon, before lunch, on Tuesday and Wednesday to help ease our young children into the school routine. On Thursday, September 6th we will begin offering lunch for everyone and our afternoon Pre Kindergarten program for those who have chosen to participate. The morning students should be picked up in front of the church at 12:15p. The afternoon program students will dismiss with the rest of the school at 3p in front of our classroom or from the carpool line.

It is important that your child arrive by 8:25a every morning to line up behind our PreK sign that has my picture on it located outside, at the end of the ramp to our classroom door. Just as we feel rushed and behind schedule when we get to work or appointments late, your child will feel behind all morning if he or she arrives late. Some preschool and daycare programs have a very flexible start time. In Pre Kindergarten, we have a specific start time. Please help your child succeed by getting to school on time every day.

On the first day of school, I find that it works best to make your good-byes “short and sweet.” I know Pre Kindergarten is a big milestone, but it would be better if you save your own tears for the parking lot or Ms. Romero’s Back to School coffee social up in the Koinonia room. Your child looks to you for guidance and support. Your excitement and positive attitude about your child starting school is contagious. Rest assured that by the time you arrive home your child is already smiling and making new friends.

Some students may not be having lunch at school, but we will be having snack after recess at 10:15a. Please pack something nutritious to help your child get through the morning. When the students enter the classroom, they will find their cubbies and put their snack bags away. We will set aside our back to school supplies and head to the rug where I will introduce myself. We will use the first hour to learn each other’s names and begin to explore the classroom rules and expectations. We will sing silly songs, dance and jump around. We will explore the classroom and on subsequent days we will tour the whole school and parish. I hope to introduce the children to key members of our community including Mrs. Morrissey and Ms. Romero from the office, Mr. Moretti from facilities and of course Fr. Don. SMS is our home away from home and I want all of the children to feel comfortable and welcomed.

After recess, we will read books and participate in an art project. Unfortunately, before we know it our day will be through and it will be time for you to pick-up your children. Please come to our classroom to find us packed up and ready to go. I am pretty confident they will be starving and hopefully they will have lots of wonderful stories to share with you on the way home.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns I am really looking forward to a fantastic year!!

Ms. Madden