Newsletter October 18, 2018

Pre-Kindergarten News

Dear Families,

Okay, it’s time for a formal ask. The auction chair, Becky Ronan, would like to know who is going to be in charge of the PreK art project for the auction this year. Are there any artists in the group? I have lots of ideas, (yay for pinterest!) I just need someone to help me execute one of them. It really is not a big time commitment as we have done black and white photos, wrapped sting on nails to form a cross, painted a cookie jar as a class and made a collage with students’ fingerprints. The project will need to be completed by the end of March – lots of time to plan and execute. I just need one person to sign up to lead the project and I will offer as much support as you need. Thank you!! I hope many of you are planning to attend the GALA kick-off party tomorrow night – many opportunities to sign up to help with our main event April 6th!

As I hope you have read in Ms. Romero’s newsletter, several times a year we like to recognize one student in each grade who exemplifies our mission to live in faith as we SERVE, LEAD, LOVE and LEARN. Our first honoree for September was Zoe, one of the most compassionate PreK students I have met. She is always concerned for her classmates and shows everyone so much LOVE. Zoe was invited to have pizza lunch with Ms. Romero and the winners from the other classes. Needless to say, it is VERY difficult to chose one winner with the great group of students I have this year! Every student will have the opportunity to win the award as they grow and thrive here at SMS, but it may just not be this year as we have a limited number of months during each school year.

Your child may have come home talking about fire, firefighters earthquakes. Last week was national fire prevention week, so we used it as a theme. We read many books, talked about what to do in case of a fire and even went on a scavenger hunt. The children had so much fun carrying their clipboards around campus looking for smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, alarms and sprinklers. They continue to spot them, so I hope they are pointing them out for you too. We were going to make fire trucks out of boxes, but we ran out of time with the short week and the move-a-thon. Today was national Shake Out where we formally talked about earthquake preparedness and practiced protecting ourselves under the desks. It was sweet to see the second grade pair up with PreK to hold hands as they walked up to the playground during our evacuations. Everyone lends a helping hand – no matter how big or small!

Thank you everyone who helped support our Move-A-Thon! We had a great sunny day and so much fun running, walking, dancing and jumping. I hope your child slept well that night, I know I did. The amount of money raised is phenomenal! On Friday, we were able to get lots of work done while our families enjoyed a three-day weekend. Now it is time to look forward to Halloween.

I hope you have read Ms. Romero’s description of how we celebrate Halloween here at SMS. The students have already been talking about their costumes and I am eager to pull out my Halloween crafts to decorate our classroom. Halloween is on Wednesday this year and we will have the opportunity to celebrate here at school. PreK students are encouraged to wear their costumes to school, as we will have our party before our morning students leave at 12:15p. This is a free dress day for everyone, but the older students will not change into their costumes until after 3rd recess. Anyway, please remember to keep the costumes simple, life affirming (no zombies please) and leave any accessories that may get broken or lost at home.

We will parade around the school after first recess to visit parish/office staff and perhaps a few classrooms. Our party will begin at 10:40 or so with crafts, games and a cookie treat. Please watch for emails from our room parent, Julie Woosley, with requests for help. We may or may not go out to recess at 11:20 depending on how long the children are engaged in the party. I encourage everyone, who is able, to join us as your children love to show off their classroom! Morning students are welcome to stay for lunch or head home with their parents after recess if it is more convenient for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the day.

We will have Mass on Thursday, as it is All Souls Day. Students are welcome to dress as their favorite saint to process in with other students before Mass. I am not sure our little ones will understand the significance of dressing up again the day after Halloween, but you are welcome to help them participate. We will visit 8th graders dressed as saints in their “museum” that morning to learn more about who the saints were and what they achieved in their lifetimes.

I have placed book orders and they should arrive soon. I sent home another set of flyers today before I realized one of them was for babies with lots of board books. Sorry! These books will make great gifts for friends and family, but not really for our kiddos. I will be a bit more selective next time J.

Upcoming Events:

  • Celebrate St. Madeleine’s Kick-Off Party Friday, Oct 19th. We will have an evening party to get excited about our auction and black tie bingo party scheduled for April 6th, 2018. Here is a link on our website for more information and to RSVP for the evening:
  • Substitute Mrs. Peck Oct 25-26. I will be attending a conference in lovely Lynnwood. I will tell the students next week.
  • Halloween Party Wednesday, Oct 31st.
  • All Souls Day Mass Thursday, Nov 1st.
  • Veteran’s Day Observed Monday, Nov 12th. No school.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences Monday and Tuesday, Nov 19-20. Students dismissed at 12p.
  • No School Wednesday-Friday, Nov 21-23. Teacher in-service and Thanksgiving holiday.

Friendly Reminders:

  • Please remember to label your child’s bags, water bottles and clothing. Items left places other than the classroom often make their way to our lost and found bin outside the school office.
  • Please send a water bottle to school with your children so they can stay hydrated after recess and PE.
  • Our first colds will begin to make the rounds soon. Please remember to keep your child home if they are sick, especially with a fever.

Thank you for entrusting me with your wonderful children!


Karen Madden