Classroom Expectations

In our classroom, we follow our school SLE’s: Serve, Lead, Love, & Learn:

• SERVE: Think outside of ourselves, give to our community
• LEAD: Show responsibility for our actions, good role modeling to our peers
• LOVE: Be kind and caring to others
• LEARN: Try and do new things together, embrace a growth mindset


E-mail is the most efficient way to communicate with me throughout the year! I am happy to answer any questions, concerns, or set up an appointment to discuss
any information that will help to ensure your child will have a successful year. My daily conference times are 7:30am – 8:00am.

Absent? Sick? Going on a trip? Let me and our office administrator Ginny Morrissey know!

Each Monday I will send out a weekly email with a class newsletter (classroom updates, important upcoming dates, what we’re learning) and our Week-at-a-Glance for the current school week.

Please communicate in advance if you will be picking your child up early or if they will be absent. Please include Ginny on the email as well!

Behavior / Classroom Management

Bucket Fillers

This tool encourages kindness and daily acts of love all throughout the school day, and students can learn how they can fill other people’s buckets. With the bucket filler, I can frequently and easily reward desired behavior and give direct consequences for undesired behavior. Each time a students exhibits a desired behavior, the student receives a bead and places it in the class bucket. The bucket has three stickers at three different levels on the Marble Jar. When the class reaches the first (lowest) sticker, they earn a simple reward, like five extra minutes of recess or music during independent work. Once the class reaches the middle sticker, a bigger prize is given. When the final (highest) sticker is reached, the biggest prize will be given.

Direct Coaching

Pre-Kindergarten students are engaging with school in many ways that are new to them. In order for them to love school they need to feel safe, act independently, and receive feedback and coaching. Coaching in Pre-Kindergarten is based on the belief that each student is intending to do the best they can at each opportunity. As I coach students, I consider their preferences, desires, and passions. Ultimately, it is a students choice if they will utilize my coaching. If a child is unwilling to engage with  my coaching, the natural consequences of the situation will be allowed to play out and the student will be prompted to reflect on the choices that led them to the unwanted outcome.

DEBUG Strategy for Problem Solving

  • Decide to ignore
  • Exit/Move away
  • Be Friendly
  • Use firm words
  • Get an adult’s help

This strategy helps support students in their discovery that there are unwritten rules about what we say and how we act. We can reinforce expected vs. unexpected behaviors in everyday conversations with students.


While reading books and singing songs with your Pre-K student is recommended, any work completed at home is at the your discretion.

Pre-Kindergartens students are not required to complete homework.


I would love to help host a small birthday celebration for your child with our class community. Birthday celebrations typically happen just before lunch. If your child would like to share a snack with the class, please let me know in advance so that we can discuss options for any students with food allergies in the classroom!

Our pre-k celebrations are small, but joyous. The birthday student gets
to pick a couple friends to help pass out treats. We sing Happy Birthday,
the birthday student takes the special bite, and listen to music while the students are eating.

If your child’s birthday is on a weekend we will celebrate on the Friday before or Monday after!

If your child’s birthday falls on a non-school day or during the summer, we
can arrange a day throughout the year to celebrate!

If you are going to send birthday party invitations to school to pass out,
please remember to invite all students in the classroom. If you have another plan, please do not send invitations to school and remind your child not to discuss the party at school.

Snack Policy

We have 3 short snack times each day in the classroom at 10:15 a.m., 1:05 pm., and 2:00 pm. I ask that students leave their cookies, treats, and candy for lunch time. Your child is encouraged to bring a water bottle that they will be able to refill and can keep in the classroom throughout the day. Please ensure that your child has a non-glass container for their snack and they they are able to open the snack container independently.

Weekly Star Student

During the school year, each student will have the opportunity to be the Star Student! This will be a week dedicated to learning all about this student, and have special ways to celebrate them in our classroom. I will email parents ahead of time to make sure the week I’ve selected works for their family’s schedule, and then I will send the student home with the Star Student poster. On Monday, the student will bring back the finished poster and present to their classmates. On Tuesday they will share their favorite song. On Thursday, photos that have been sent to me via Email will be shared with the class. Friday is favorite stuffed animal day. During this week they can also send in a mystery reader to read a student’s favorite storybook to our class.

Ways to Help

There are plenty of ways you can help your child at home and at school!

Help your child at home:
1. Help him/her practice independence and responsibility! This can look like tying their shoes, packing their own lunch, navigating the carpool line, gathering own materials for project/recipe/traveling, or grabbing items at the store. All of these are great ways for your child to build self-confidence and learn independence. Do what works for your family!

2. Create a school and desk area for your child to be successful! Have a designated area for coloring and writing utensils.

3. Have fun and make learning time together exciting! This is a time to play games, set goals, and have a positive attitude towards your student’s growth in learning!

Help your child at school:

  • Purchase materials for the classroom from the Amazon wish list (link: Mrs. Webb’s Pre-K Amazon Wishlist )
  • Donate funds for the teacher to buy materials and resources for the classroom.
  • Donate supplies or snacks for parties or celebrations (we have a Halloween party and a couple other small celebrations throughout the year)
  • Volunteer in our classroom! Help lead learning centers, read to the class, lead a class craft.
    • Always sign in at the office.
    • Please complete SAFE ENVIRONMENT and Proof of Vaccine.

Uniform Policy